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Why Cheeky Dog Doggie Daycare?

Greg:FrecklesSimply – we provide the best doggie daycare in Brooklyn. I have heard numerous times how a dog didn’t like a previous daycare or boarding experience, but they love coming to Cheeky Dog.

We are located in the great neighborhood of Dumbo. We have a huge open play space with lots of natural light, beds to sleep on and toys to play with. The dogs are well supervised and cared for by people with years of experience.

For dogs, being home alone is no fun! Dogs naturally want to be in a pack. Doggie daycare can be a great way for them to socialize and learn to get along well with other dogs. Not all dogs will play while they are here. Even just hanging out with other dogs and being comfortable is a good exercise. Others will play and run and get really tired. They will have to share toys and beds and play space. They will have to listen to us and take direction. All of this is beneficial to your dogs behavior once he goes back home. He will be nice and tired from a long day at daycare.


“All the great reviews are true!  My pug has boarded here a few times and every time it has been a very pleasant experience.  The owner Chelle was super nice and responded promptly whenever I checked in to ask about my dog.  When my dog gets distressed she has been known to furiously scratch herself and the result is not pretty.  No issues at Cheeky Dog though because my dog was having fun.”
Rachel S.,
“Riley & Stella come to Cheeky dog and we all love it!  They pull me towards the door when we get going in the morning, and I’m pretty sure if they were off leash they’d just run right down there. We’ve been coming since they opened and I wouldn’t dream of taking them anywhere else. We use them for boarding when we’re out of town and love it. The staff is awesome and owner Chelle is fantastic. I especially love that they can snag an afternoon nap in the huge front window. Heaven! My dogs are my babies, it’s important to me for them to be safe and happy. I’m thrilled with this daycare! If you have a dog in Dumbo, you need to come to Cheeky Dog!!”
Jenn B.,
“I’m really grateful to have Cheeky dog in the neighborhood. If you live anywhere near DUMBO and have a dog, I think you’d like it here. The several times I’ve walked into Cheeky dog, Chelle (the owner) is usually around and there are at least two people manning the dog area., so there is a good people:dog:space ratio. There is a lot of room for the dogs to play and roam around.”
Cathy L.,

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