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Meet the owner

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In 2007 my little family moved to New York from Boston and I was ready to start a new chapter. My background was in Graphic Design, but I always had trouble sitting still at a desk. I wanted my own business and knew that opening a dog daycare was what I wanted to do. I grew up surrounded by dogs. Being an only child, my dogs were my constant companions. I grew up in rural Indiana. I loved the outdoors and spending time with any animals. Be it on a friend’s farm riding horses or just hanging out with my dogs.

Opening Cheeky Dog in 2007 has been a dream come true. I love being part of a neighborhood. I want Cheeky Dog to be a place people can bring their dogs and not worry. I understand how hard it is to leave your furry family member while you go away. Just know that we genuinely love and care about our dogs.

The people I have working for me over the years have been the best. I only hire people with experience working with dogs. Learning how to handle a pack is no easy task. The safety of everyone is at risk if you don’t know what you are doing. My people have several years of experience between them. During the day, our dogs are calm and happy. Many take naps. It doesn’t mean we don’t have scuffles, because they are dogs. They can only talk with their bodies. All of us have put ourselves in between two dogs to break up a fight. It doesn’t happen often, but the fact that we still all love our job proves what we are willing to do to keep the dogs safe.

I have heard from many dog owners that their dogs did not like a previous boarding experience, but have loved Cheeky Dog. I hope that your dog will feel the same way!