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Dog Grooming

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Cheeky Dog is now offering full dog grooming services!

Cheeky Dog opened in 2007 and we have been providing amazing doggie daycare and boarding to Dumbo for all these years. Now we are happy to add full dog grooming services for our customers. Many people may want to have their dog groomed while they are here for daycare or at the end of their boarding stay. Just let us know!

If you are new to Cheeky Dog and just need grooming we are happy to help you. Give us a call or use the contact form and we will answer your questions. We will use only natural non irritating ingredients and do all we can to make your dog’s grooming experience a good one.

Ainsley is a graduate of the American Academy of Pet Grooming here in New York.

He has worked at Cheeky Dog since early 2015 caring for our daycare and boarding dogs. He has a calm energy that will help with any grooming experience. Just let us know what your preferences are for your dog’s groom and we will be happy to help.

Please fill out this form before your appointment.

Grooming Registration Form

If you have a question for our groomer or would like to request an appointment.

Just the Basics

Basic bath, with brush and blow-dry, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Perfect for in-between grooms or short hair dogs that don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Mini Groom

Bath, with brush and blow-dry, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Plus trim around eyes, ears and paws.

Full Groom

Bath, with brush and blow-dry, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Full groom to your specifications.


  • Basic Bath  – 30
  • Mini Groom  – 50
  • Full Groom  – 65
  • Special Cuts  – 70


  • Basic Bath – 40
  • Mini Groom – 55
  • Full Groom – 70
  • Special Cuts – 80


  • Basic Bath – 50
  • Mini Groom – 65
  • Full Groom – 80
  • Special Cuts – 90


  • Basic Bath – 60
  • Mini Groom – 75
  • Full Groom – 90
  • Special Cuts – 100

These prices are starting prices only. Additional brushing and dematting are extra.

Ala carte services

Teeth Cleaning – 10

Ear Clean – 5

Nails – 15

Dematting – 10 per 20 min

Anal Glands – 20

Sanitary – 20

Grooming information

  • Dog grooming is by appointment only.
  • Appointments generally take 2-3 hours. If you would like to leave your pet for the day he may join our daycare group at an additional charge-assuming his temperment is ok for group play. 
  • We require a copy of vaccinations-Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (within 6 months). Please have these sent prior to your visit or bring with you.
  • Rates are approxiate dependent on breed and coat condition.
  • We take precautionary measures with all of our clients but cannot be held responsible for cuts or lacerations on severely matted pets.
  • Because we are a full service daycare and boarding facility we do not treat fleas or groom cats.